• Mars Nutro

    Preserved 45 acres of forest

  • Hyundai

    Preserved 15 acres of forest

  • UPS

    Preserved 18 acres of forest

  • National Geographic

    Preserved 2 acres of forest

  • Smart USA

    Preserved 10 acres of forest

  • Citi Bank

    Preserved 28 acres of forest

  • The Home Depot

    Preserved 2 acres of forest


  • UMUC

    Preserved 8 acres of forest

  • Guthy Renker

    Preserved 7 acres of forest

  • University of Vermont

    Preserved 5 acres of forest

  • New Egg

    Preserved 4 acres of forest

  • Botanical Lab

    Preversed 2 acres of forest

  • TXI

    Preserved 2 acres of forest

  • BMW

    Preserved 2 acres of forest



Walk Light Media believes that social responsibility is fundamental to doing business in today’s world, whether it be recycling programs, community outreach, water and/or energy conservation.  As such, we created the Responsible Media Program (RMP), which embeds Corporate Social Responsibility into the existing process of online media planning and buying.  Allowing companies to make a substantial environmental and social contribution through the normal course of business and at no additional cost to the advertiser.

This is achieved through the Responsible Media Program “Saving forests one banner at a time” initiative.  It  works by calculating the area each banner advertisement occupies on a person’s screen multiplied by the number of times each ad is displayed.  This digital area is then converted to real forest floor area, adding up to acres and acres of forest.  Walk Light Media (WLM) then preserves the allocated number of acres through our conservation partner.

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